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LV dresser makeup box dressing table hard case storage box

LV dresser makeup box dressing table hard case storage box

58 x 101 x 69 cm

(Length x height x width)Monogram coated canvas

Natural cowhide handle

Lock open

Ballet pink microfiber lining

Golden brass metal hardware can be silver plated copper pure copper tungsten steel color

Wooden boxes and plexiglass drawers are trimmed in natural cowhide

Top open and closed compartments

3 a mirror

Includes a Nice Bijoux storage bag with a ballet interior trim

Natural cowhide stools can change color

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This cosmetic case combines elements of traditional luggage with modern elements to highlight fashion beauty. Accompany guests in their daily beauty care.

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The most dreamy dresser in the history of luggage.

The classic Monogram between all the compartments can be customized in any color you like.

Closed inside is a large Louis Vuitton vintage suitcase.

The interior of this dresser is mainly made of acrylic, wood and suede. There was a tray table that could be pulled out.

The dresser comes with a simple travel jewelry bag and box, and an acrylic small box.

Dressing table Color series versatile dresser multi-drawer practical value high every day get up to see the dreamy cloakroom round their own girly dreams.

The dresser can be changed inside and outside material and color.

Girl's dream, give it to yourself and give it to your daughter are all lv trends that can be passed down. Lv hard box LV dressing table furniture decoration design.

Be totally amazed by this dresser, which is paired with the classic Monogram favorite and most practical. It's all about the shape of a hard box.

There are different drawer boxes and storage boxes inside. Rings can be placed according to different sizes.

Bracelets and bracelets, as well as large drawers for watches and necklaces. The most important thing is that I can put a lot of skin care products and cosmetics on the counter space.

The feeling stands before this makeup takes a photograph person to show particularly good-looking, the bedroom dresser lives.

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The interior and exterior can be customized in any color. It can be made in any size. The general construction time is 30-40 days.

You can customize your favorite logo or according to your favorite fabric.

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