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LV hard case 80 size carrying hard case suitcase

LV hard case 80 size carrying hard case suitcase

ALZER 80 hard case The famous Alzer luggage has always been ideal for travel and is one of the hallmarks of Louis Vuitton

80.0 x 52.0 x 26.0 cm (L x H x W)

Monogram classic canvas, canvas lining, rounded leather handles

Canvas lined, easy-to-grip handles

Louis Vuitton S-lock and key, plus two trunk mortise locks

Leather trim secured with rivets, gold-tone metal corner

Gold metal hardware

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LV hard box 80 size (4)

LV's hard cases are an indispensable series in the history of Louis Vuitton. These hard cases completely present the classic design of Louis Vuitton and superb manual skills.

It is the witness of history and the inheritance of history.

Whether it's 1, 2, 3 or 10, put the Louis Vuitton hard case somewhere in your home, He will witness the rise of your career, Carrying the exclusive memories of the family, the Louis Vuitton hard case can not help everyone's life, What we want is a way of life that is icing on the cake.

Suitcase flower box, jewelry box, cosmetic box, treasure box, hat box, wine box, book box, shoe box, etc.

Nothing is more glamorous than Louis Vuitton

It can hold stories, the world, and life

LV hard box 80 size (3)

LV's hard case products can be painted (except for artist cooperation models), which is LV's unique personalized service, Customize your favorite pattern to draw on the box, and the box will be more precious for life

LV has a lot of hard case products, covering different functions and uses. If you have other cases you want to know about I will go into more detail later

At the same time, if you want to have a unique and truly customized hard case, it can be customized for you to meet your imagination~

Interior, exterior, any color can be customized, any size can be made. The general construction period is 30 days to 40 days You can customize the logo you like, or you can follow the fabric you like.

COTTEVILLE 40 hard box (1)
COTTEVILLE 40 hard box (3)
COTTEVILLE 40 hard box (2)

How often are your products updated?

2-3 days to update the product

How long does your normal product delivery take?

These customized products and quantities are generally 5-10 days

How are your products made up, What are the specific materials?

solid wood hardware cowhide

Do your products have MOQ? If yes, what is the minimum order quantity?

1 starting order

What is your company's product yield? How is it achieved?

Basically 98%

What is the life cycle of your products?

Can be used for about 10 years

How long is our after-sales warranty?

Usually 2-3 years

Will there be a discount on our current price? (You can answer how much quantity can be discounted)

A large quantity can be negotiated and the price can be discounted.

What mailing methods do we have?

If there is no way to go by mail, you can go through our channel.

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