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LV Custom hard case

  • LV specially customized tea box

    LV specially customized tea box

    The counter price is 250,000 yuan. This specially customized tea box is

    The crystallization created by Wang Dechuan Tea House

    Designed for storing tea art tools that can be used in the whole tea-making process

    There is a series of selected tea products with different shades in the tea set box.

    Such as West Lake Longjing, Lishan Oolong and Dongding Anshang

    Each tea set is written by the famous pottery master Zhang Geming.

    It is specially handmade to match this hard box.

    Price : $ 721

  • LV’s new jewelry box

    LV’s new jewelry box

    LV’s new jewelry box is one of the favorites

    Every girl will want her own dressing table. There is a design of the upper and lower floors of such a small box full of accessories, providing the most perfect protection for the most exquisite accessories

    … I love it so much.

    Price : $562

  • LV Watch box

    LV Watch box

    Watch box 34*11cm

    Square box 23*11cm

    Small box 21*11cm

    Large box 24*12cm

    Price : $ 433

  • LV tea box

    LV tea box

    LV tea box

    Size reference

    The tea table box contains: 4 tea cups, 2 tea cans, one tea sea, one teapot, one pot pen, one teaspoon, one tea spoon, and one lv storage bag. It feels warmer for long-term use, with a hint of low-key luxury, good-looking, easy-to-use and practical tea ceremony accessories.

    Price : $ 1425

  • Louis Vuitton mahjong box

    Louis Vuitton mahjong box

    It is exquisitely designed and interesting, integrating smart games into the hard box design, inspired by the first mahjong box launched by Louis Vuitton in the 1950s. Equipped with 6 compartments, it can easily accommodate 149 mahjong cards decorated with traditional patterns.

    Price : $ 1425

  • LOUIS VUITTON | Tea box

    LOUIS VUITTON | Tea box

    New products

    LOUIS VUITTON | Tea box LOUIS VUITTON | Tea box tea,

    Fragrant leaves, tender buds,

    Mu Shike, love the monk.

    Carved white jade and woven red yarn.

    Pan-fried yellow stamens color, gentle winding dust flowers.

    Invite to accompany the bright moon after night, and face the morning glow in the morning.

    If you wash away the ancient and modern people, you will not be able to praise them when they are drunk.

    Price : $ 1425

  • LV Customer order, customized size

    LV Customer order, customized size

    Customer order, customized size, good-looking

    Height 120 * Width 60 * Thickness 40

    Price : $ 2900

  • Exclusive Live Shooting 24-Panel Watch Box

    Exclusive Live Shooting 24-Panel Watch Box

    Exclusive Live Shooting 24-Panel Watch Box

  • Exclusive live shooting 18-panel watch box

    Exclusive live shooting 18-panel watch box


    [Exclusive live shooting 18-panel watch box] This 18-panel watch box is a classic. The hard box is like a treasure box that travels through history. Its firmness is a symbol of Louis Vuitton’s traditional exquisite craftsmanship. It is equipped with 18 small bags and 18 wrist watches. The workmanship is excellent, and every detail is just right. Size 46 x 2 4 x 11 cm in length, width and height

    [Tips: This one needs to be customized and does not support return and exchange]

    Price : 1425

  • LV Set of baby

    LV Set of baby


    A must-have for exquisite girls

    New series, welcome to order.

    Inner multi-color optional

    Large: 21*15*21cm

    Medium: 11.5*17*17cm

    Small: 13.5*9*13.5cm

    Mini: Not for the time being

    Price : $ 1425

  • Chane* surfboard can be surfed  can be customized

    Chane* surfboard can be surfed can be customized

    Long wait, the most popular Chane* surfboard can be surfed  can be customized

    I don’t recommend this much. It’s a must-have for fashion, and it’s also the favorite of Internet celebrities. It’s also full of furniture as a home decoration! High in an instant! Anyway, it usually costs a few k to buy a good surfboard. It’s better to buy a good-looking and easy-to-use one?

    You can give your boyfriend, medieval vintage to you who love sports~

    The style can be customized, send pictures for inquiry

    Two materials: carbon fiber and fiberglass (different materials have different prices)

    Price : $ 1165

  • Cute pet attack  Louis Vuitton

    Cute pet attack Louis Vuitton


    Cute pet attack, Louis Vuitton,

    Only you can’t imagine, there is nothing we can’t do

    Dogs, there is also a warm nest.

    With a beautiful key , color-changing leather rope

    The color-changing card groove can give dogs a name recognition.

    The interior is removable and cleaned.

    According to the official website, the interior is matched with lychee pattern beige interior.

    Easy to clean, comfortable and clean,

    Actual size: length 50cm width 30cm height 36cm

    Actual weight: 8.73 kg (about)

    Including carton weight: 10.4 kg (about)

    Price : $2180

  • Lv High-end version of small wine cabinet secret

    Lv High-end version of small wine cabinet secret

    High-end version of small wine cabinet secret

    -36.7×36.7×31.2 (length x height x width)

    -Monogram coated canvas

    - Lock opening and closing

    - Microfiber lined with copper-plated metal parts

    - Equipped with cow leather trim

    -Nine grid storage

    High-end version small wine cabinet Item number: 34829

    Price : $ 1165

  • LV car storage box

    LV car storage box

    [Old-fashioned car home series]

    Donkey’s car storage box

    Super practical multi-functional storage box, the most worth buying LV hard box series!!

    Double-layer storage design, with two drawers, has many storage uses, and thickened velvet cloth is more wear-resistant lining.

    Size: 77*32*38

    Price: $ 2180

  • Louis Vuitton Bisten suitcase

    Louis Vuitton Bisten suitcase

    [Exclusive live shooting old flower mosaic yellow flower/40cm hard box]

    The first layer of trimming cowhide draws on the design of the Alzer suitcase.

    Bisten suitcase is an integral part of Louis Vuitton’s noble tradition.

    Size: 40*33*15 (length x width x height)

    [Multi-size customization]

    Price : $ 1250

  • PRÉSIDENT suitcase

    PRÉSIDENT suitcase

    PRÉSIDENT suitcase

    This Damier Graphite briefcase can accommodate a laptop and several A4 files, and is specially equipped with a security lock. It is equipped with a comfortable leather handle and an address label.

    44.0 x 34.0 x 11.0 cm

    (Length x height x width)

    - Damier Graphite material and twill lining

    - Gold metal accessories

    - Two bag pins can strengthen the protection function of the S lock

    - Two compartments, which can store files and laptops separately

    - Gold metal corner

    - Hand-held

    Price : $ 1150


  • LV Camera Box

    LV Camera Box


    The top original order is small and has a large capacity. The Camera Box is suitable for all kinds of shapes both day and night. As a hard case, it can hold all the necessities: two mobile phones, wallets, keys, headphones, etc. This Camera Box is fashionable and practical. It is a multi-functional bag, light and easy to use, and allows a variety of carrying methods: hand-held, shoulder-held and cross-body. Internal size: 16 x 13 x 7.5 cm

    Price : $ 870

  • Supermen co-branded. Many stars have the same style

    Supermen co-branded. Many stars have the same style


    Skateboard box

    Size: 86-26-21cm Essential for trendy people,

    Limited edition Meet the luxurious LV

    The most Supermen co-branded. Many stars have the same style. I feel that Supermen co-branded is more awesome than Fujiwara Hiroshi.

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