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About Us


About us

Da Bai Luxury Hard Case Corporation,established in 2013, is a high-end enterprise focusing on the customization and sales of luxury goods. Our  products  include  luxury  hard  cases and handicrafts, luxury accessories, etc. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business principles of talent-based and integrity, and is committed to providing customers with a more high-end luxury experience, enjoying the  trend  of high-end life with heart and soul, and providing customers with perfect solutions  and  quality services.

We have been taking consumers as the core, taking quality products and quality service quality as the core competitiveness, providing customers with high-end fashionable hard case products as the initial purpose, through continuous innovation of marketing and management mode, and constantly launch more high-end products. We are committed to a new and innovative concept of interpreting the private enjoyment of luxury and the characteristics of perfectionism by continuously improving the service level and using an innovative business model that mingles capital, management, technology and many quality partners.


Nowadays, luxury is no longer the patent of a few people,  more  and  more  people  can  afford to buy luxury goods. What we can do is to provide  more  consumers  with personalized and distinguished service, so that more and more consumers are  apt  to  choose high-end custom hard cases. Although the current high-end custom service is a top service for a few consumers, its purpose is to meet the needs of consumers  for  different hard cases. The hard case produced through high-end customization is the consumer's private brand, a unique and irreplaceable luxury hard case that belongs only to the customizer. Da Bai has been developing the perfect hard case for the few high-end customizers with precise details and personalized service.

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Da Bai has always adopted a strict and rigorous production mechanism for  each product  sold and produced in line with strict criteria for screening, whether custom-made or otherwise, to ensure the quality and taste of high-end goods. In order to match the best online shopping experience and optimal after-sales service, Da Bai for customers to create high-end shopping experience, as well as at the advantage of price for the majority of medium and high-end consumers to provide more convenient and affordable shopping enjoyment.