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  • Binda sofa raw edge

    Binda sofa raw edge

    The smooth, sharp lines of the sofa and armchair are subtly highlighted by the streamlined leather-covered backrests and soft velvet of the welcome seats, all of which are perfectly complemented by contrasting piping. Available in a variety of color combinations, Binda further explores the designer’s interest in transforming flat surfaces into three-dimensional objects, continuing the innovative lines of its Cosmic Table. Sculptural and elegant, Binda is the perfect combination of visual impact and comfortable envelopment.

    155 x 78 x 290 cm / 61 x 30.7 x 114.2 inches
    (length x height x width)
    L 290 x H 78 x W 155 cm / L 114.2 x H 30.7 x W 61 inches
    Weight: 110 kg
    Polyurethane structure trimmed in calfskin and textured fabric
    Seats 3 + 1
    Limited edition of 100 pieces

  • three seater sofa

    three seater sofa

    Three-seater sofa with Canaletto walnut frame, rattan panel and storage box on the left side. Seat cushions covered in H taurikin leather. Leather armrests with saddle-stitched pocket on the right side. Comes with three pairs of cushions in flame-printed canvas and H-calf leather.

    Dimensions: length 352 x width 87.5 x height 72 cm

  • furniture bench

    furniture bench

    Bench with drawers. Wooden stand. Solid wood Canaletto walnut stool legs, drawers and outer box, brushed stainless steel hardware. The main drawer, edges, bottom and seat are covered in H calf leather. Can be used for storage or multi-purpose use.

    Made in France.

    Dimensions: length 163.5 x width 46 x height 44 cm

  • furniture armchair

    furniture armchair

    Armchair with frame in Canaletto walnut and rattan armrests. Seat cushions covered in H taurikin leather. Comes with four cushions in flame-printed canvas and H-calf leather.

    Dimensions: length 108 x width 87.5 x height 72 cm

  • Five-seater corner sofa

    Five-seater corner sofa

    Five-seater corner sofa, Canaletto walnut frame. Seat cushions covered in H taurikin leather. Leather armrests with saddle-stitched pocket on the left side. Comes with four pairs of cushions in flame-printed canvas and H-calf leather.

    Dimensions: length 315 x width 313.4 x height 72 x depth 87.5 cm

  • Sofa Sellier 2-seater sofa

    Sofa Sellier 2-seater sofa

    Two-seater sofa in Canaletto walnut with rattan trim on the left side. The sofa is made of light tan and cinnamon leather and has a fabric storage bag on the right armrest. Comes with two large cushions and two small cushions, made of light tan H calf leather and cinnamon fabric.

    Dimensions: Length 252 x Width 87.5cm | Backrest height: 72cm | Seat cushion: 44cm

  • two-seater sofa

    two-seater sofa

    Two-seater sofa with natural beech frame upholstered in H-calf leather, saddle stitching and piping details, solid oak legs. Traditional craftsmanship cushion: The cushion is composed of metal springs, vegetable tanned leather and goose down.

    Dimensions: length 160 x width 88.7 x height 79 cm

  • three seater sofa

    three seater sofa

    Three-seater sofa with natural beech frame upholstered in H-calf leather, saddle stitching and piping details, solid oak legs. Traditional craftsmanship cushion: The cushion is composed of metal springs, vegetable tanned leather and goose down.

    Dimensions: L 220 x W 88.7 x H 79 cm

  • Hermes New Knife and Fork Set Gold

    Hermes New Knife and Fork Set Gold

    Hermes latest knife and fork set gold with counter gift box

    Price : $ 160

  • Hermes H War Horse Automatic Umbrella

    Hermes H War Horse Automatic Umbrella

    Hermès (Hermès) latest hot item of the year,

    the best H-family automatic umbrella,

    is a blockbuster with its exquisite technology and continuous imagination.

    The new coating technology umbrella cloth brings surprising shading effect,

    which makes the sun protection and heat insulation performance better.

    The quality of an umbrella is determined by the quality of the umbrella.

    The umbrella material is made of alloy rod and carbon fiber umbrella ribs.

    The first generation 210T impact cloth prevents the sun from blocking and water repellent and 99% summer sunburn refreshing travel even on rainy days, can also enjoy the most elegant stroll, with packaging

    Price : $ 80

  • Hermes 10-piece gift box

    Hermes 10-piece gift box

    Hermes 10-piece gift box,

    Chinese red meal for two,

    8-inch monthly CD/bone plate/small bowl/small spoon/cup 2 each,

    like to enter quickly!

    Hermes China Red Double Meal 10-piece Gift Box Item No.: 34932

    price : $ 175

  • HERMES HERMES Black Bag Necklace

    HERMES HERMES Black Bag Necklace

    New☑Hermes HERMES black bag necklace [gift box] full set of HERMES original packaging [process] original single level hand-engraved mark complete [material] high quality v gold Hermes HERMES black bag necklace number: 34766

    Price : $115