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The legend of Louis Vuitton hardcase reproduces the direction of home in travel

If stories can be reproduced, if emotions can be passed on, it's important to keep the vehicle of all of this, like a key. Disaster often breeds new life, a shipwreck let us witness the legend, but also reproduce the life of people at that time, as well as the upper-class people travel necessary LOUIS VUITTON hard box......

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In the movie "Titanic" inside, from the sea out of the safe, opened after the accident found a moving story, the intentions of the guard had to let all the world marvel.

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Hollywood was instrumental in the creation of Louis Vuitton's "Show Me Your Luggage and I Will Tell You Who You Are" in 1921. "(Suitcase is a symbol of your identity)" is a classic advertising slogan. With the frequent appearance of hard boxes in movies, the public's recognition of the fashion of "seeing a person by seeing a suitcase" is strengthened.

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A View to A Kill

007 is the representative of the gentleman. Every time he goes out, he's wearing the world's best outfit, so where does Bond hide his tools?

Back in a View to A Kill, Roger Moore's James Bond went on a mission to investigate a horse racing scam, and his spy gear was packed in a Louis Vuitton suitcase.

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The Wizard of Oz

In The Wizard of Oz, LV luggage can save people at critical times, even more useful than a lifeboat. How can you not buy such a good sealing and waterproof suitcase?

Later, the hard case became smaller and more portable, more suitable for fashionable girls.

Luggage has also become the inspiration for Louis Vuitton's new collection of bags, with creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere using the 1929 photo box as inspiration for the brand's new Petite Malle case for AUTUMN/winter 2014.

The Petite Malle I bought earlier is a mini.

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I am also an avid traveler. I always thought that traveling was about going out to explore the world. Later, I found that no matter how far I went, I was always looking for a sense of belonging in my heart, that is, a sense of home.


And Louis Vuitton is particularly good at creating that sense of belonging. If you're as curious as I am and you like decorating your home, enjoy the nesting experience. Followed me to Beijing Chuanshan Academy. 

In the middle of the courtyard, you can see the "Eiffel Tower" made of dozens of hard boxes, which is actually a tribute to Louis Vuitton's first trip.

Now in daily life, we can still see many successful people using LV hard boxes, which are a symbol of identity and quality. We are willing to provide services for more people, so that luxury is no longer a distant dream. Welcome to my home page, where we provide a series of hard boxes

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Post time: Jun-11-2022