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Louis Vuitton Luggage – your identity symbol

"Showme your luggage and I will tell you who you are.------ Your luggage is a symbol of your identity". This 1921 Louis Vuitton slogan perfectly captures the bond between the traveler and his suitcase.

From trains and ocean-going, to cars and air travel, Louis Vuitton suitcases transcend the limits of time and space.

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"What can be found on old trunks? Stamps showing the means of transport, destination and train, all represented by old paper and hotel labels. We follow them all over the world, not only like Phileas Fogg's 80 days around the world, but faster. These pieces of paper look back on ancient countries and civilizations. Can they arouse your interest in collecting and start a journey of your own?"

In 1920, Mr. Gaston-Louis Vuitton wrote the above paragraph, he is the grandson of Mr. Louis Vuitton, the family blood for travel enthusiasm, infatuation for culture, Gaston is also influenced.

In the early 1900s, collectors Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hifiger used Louis Vuitton cases as decoration. Then interior designers began buying Louis Vuitton cases for their clients to use as coffee tables. So the explorer said he wanted to be able to sleep at all times, and he had a box to pack his bed in; Karl Lagerfeld said he had so many iPods that he had a case for them. And boxes for casinos, wine, even baby teeth... It depends on how you use your wild imagination.

A Louis Vuitton antique luggage, itself is full of stories, when it is quietly placed in the home, the charm spread to every corner, or modern, or retro, or industrial, or pastoral... Whatever the style, take them all down.

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