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History of luxury hard case

Louis Vuitton (hereinafter referred to as Vuitton) was born in Village D ´Anchay, Jura in 1821. In 1954, he set up his first studio specializing in luxury luggage and cases in Paris.

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His constant improvement of materials and shapes, using water-resistant coatings and stackable rectangular silhouetted trunks, made them both practical and aesthetically pleasing, making them popular with travelers, explorers and aristocrats.

Process characteristics

Since the days of founder Louis Vuitton, hard boxes have been handmade products with a complicated process. It takes 280 steps to make one hard case, and it takes an average of six months. LV hardboxes are made of wood such as poplar, Gabon and beech. For wood selection, the designer requires wood to be at least 30 years old and dry for at least four years. That's the kind of wood that makes a strong, durable skeleton.

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Once the base skeleton is ready, it needs to be covered with fabric. The work of pasting fabric seems easy, but it is very difficult in practice. Craftsmen have to consider the pattern docking of every surface and every corner. In the whole Asnieres workshop, only 20 craftsmen can do this.

After that, thousands of small nails were punched into the sides of the bag for protection, and then cowskin corners, cowskin handles and multiple brake hitches were made to complete a hard box.

Hard cases of custom

Along the way, Louis Vuitton has customized a variety of hard cases to meet the needs of its customers: from photography cases to shoe cabinets, from library cases to writing desks. From medicine cabinet to study four treasures storage box, only you can not think, there is no LV can not do.

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As for the hard boxes of antiques that have survived for centuries, even though they are no longer used as suitcases on the road, collectors' enthusiasm for them has only grown.

A box of a world, a stain a floating life.

These years more than 100 years old antique boxes, every scratch is a story, every wear and tear is life.

May time flow, each box can find a good home, continue their respective legend.

Post time: Jun-11-2022